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Aentec is a design office created more than 10 years ago by Mr. Echtioui. He specializes in design and detail studies in the fields of boilermaking, piping and pressure vessels. Our expertise ranges from the realization of plans to calculation notes according to the main codes recognized on the market. Our field experience acquired with manufacturers allows us to carry out studies meeting the precise needs of manufacturing as well as operators, which makes all the difference.
ETS engineering, a company created 33 years ago in the Le Havre region, was integrated into the group in 2016. ETS engineering specializes in general installation, 3D models, piping, metal framework, mechanics, boilermaking and drawing on its experience, it has led to many large-scale projects both in project management and in execution.

International development

Our international development has led us to set up in the United Arab Emirates, India and Nigeria through the agencies Aentec Middle East, Aentec India & Aentec Africa.
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9 areas of expertise

1Relevés dimensionnels par scan 3D
Measurements by 3D laser scanning
2Installation générale
General installation
4Tuyauterie industrielle
Industrial piping
5Charpente métallique
Steel structure
7Relevés dimentionnels de bacs de stockags
Storage tanks measurements
9Machines tournantes
Rotating machines

Our projects

Réalisation d'un APS en 8 semaines incluant...

- Relevés scanner des installations existantes + modélisation 3D - Installation nouveaux racks - Routing des nouvelles lignes de tuyauterie - Réalisation des calculs de flexibilité tuyauterie, charpente métallique - Réalisation des plans des racks - Sortie isométriques - Chiffrage projet à +/- 10%
Réalisation d'un APS en 8 semaines incluant...
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Partnerships and extra-professional life

bandeau partenariats
Aentec Normandie and ETS engineering are sports partners and the taste for effort and high standards are values ​​shared by our teams in their daily work.
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